A word from our Managing Director

Welcome to our new website and hope it is user friendly, helpful and provide the information that you need to make the right decision.

If you are looking for a blend of personalised service and expertise, you have come to the right place!

We offer a wider range of services to business communities. This includes comprehensive Financial accounting, Preparation of payroll, and submission of all ZRA online monthly, yearly returns.

I personally offer our specialised, premium services, where we can manage your accounts department and save the valuable time of top management. We breach the gap between top management and accounts department. We will ensure that your accounts department meet all its deadline, submit monthly management accounts on time, prepare them for the year end audit and get the accounts audited and accounts signed off as per set dates or requirements.

Our pricing can be adjusted to suit your budget because our charges are based on the time that we spend with your accounts team.

We believe in helping small to medium size businesses to succeed. Very often the small businesses are run without a proper set of accounts, budgets, cashflows and lacks management information to make the right decision.

We can assist you in preparing your next budget for the year 2018 and introduce budgetary controls and provide Management information systems to enable you to grow and succeed in business

We can assist filing tax returns on your behalf and help ensure your company is tax compliant.

Finally, we wish you all the success in your business endeavours and to hope to meet you soon.

Enjoy our website and feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or comments,

Yours sincerely

Jayasundaram. V

Chief Executive officer

About DBSL

To ensure that our clients gets the best services available in the management and accounting services sector and to provide customer satisfaction and value of money.

We believe that good health is synonymous with productivity hence our exceptional focus on value, dedication and excellence.

We provide our clients a service that is the embodiment of value, dedication, excellence, honesty and openness. We believe in offering work that is of high quality.


Our clients come to us because our core values of value provision, dedication and excellence are at the core of  everything we do. Our other values of professionalism, honesty, openness are embodied in the work that we have done for many industries over the years. Our clients find that the insights we afford them from the wealth of experience we have gathered over the years are invaluable. With over 40 years in the business and over 1,000 happy customers that we have served over the years, DBSL is uniquely positioned to offer you the best value in business consultancy, accountancy and compliance services.